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Nobody is born a star or a celebrity. There is immense hard work behind how they look and maintain themselves. However, there is a myth about celebrities born wonderful. This is not true. Even celebrities face skin problem and aging issues, but they take precautionary methods towards skin care well in advance to avoid these problem. They have smart with the tips and tricks which helps them look perfect having that million dollar radiant skin.

Whilst you crave to have the smooth radiant skin as your favourite celebrity, the most obvious question that would come to your head is that, “What do they do to hide their skin problems and look like a million bucks?”

Here is some amazing skin care, tips which may help you fight your skin problems, the way celebrity does –

  1. People with dry skin find it irritating when no amount of moisturising is ever enough for their skin. Over a period of time regular moisturizers are not enough. The skin needs something more. A-list celebs may swear by very high-priced weekly micro facials and skin tonics to stock up the lost moisture, but there is an easy and economical way out. Give your face regular steam massages. Due to the vapour, pores will open up, remove impurities and soften your facial skin. Give steam massages to your face for about 5-10 minutes and then wipe your face pat dry. After this, ensure to close the pores by using a face wash which comprises of your skin type moisturiser.
  1. The camera can catch the slightest of the defects in your skin in any person even a star. In Hollywood most of the celebs use procedures like photodynamic therapy and apply an amino acid medication that literally is super expensive. However, the smart ones go for natural therapy which are not so fancy plus give’s equally effective treatment like the therapy effect, for example – religiously following a cleansing + toning + moisturising routine. A simple skin care tip which you can pursue is to check the components in your skin care product mentioned on the packaging to make sure it does not worsen your current skin trouble.
  1. Stars cannot afford to lose their glowing skin at any cost. Their difficult schedules and heavy makeup makes their skin look lifeless after a while. Clogged pores and dead skin makes your skin look dull, so it is important to scrub every alternate day. Hence the key here is exfoliation. Even the most expensive or fancy products will fail to show their magic unless they go in through the layers of your skin. Scrub gently and for those special occasions and use facial bleach which not contain ammonia preferably. The active oxygen and aloe vera content can give your skin an instant glow.

Pollution, smoke, makeup, sun all these damage your facial skin. However there is something else that makes a lot of difference to your skin. They are antioxidants – hence include green tea and berries in your daily diet. All you need a good dose of all natural things instead of expensive cosmetic treatment or surgery to be in the limelight.

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